Have you ever wondered what a fairy tale castle looks like?

Rocchetta Mattei is the one that comes closest to a magical castle that with its strange stories will make your visit almost surreal.

Cortile interno

Like any self-respecting fairytale we have a protagonist with eccentric traits and a decidedly predominant character, Count Mattei is the author of this enchanted place and the moral of his story is: if you believe in an idea this will become real only thanks to your will.

Rocchetta Mattei is a concentration of different architectural styles, but that blend in a perfect balance, in visiting it you can admire the intertwining of different cultures and opposite religious aspects, but united by what only the beauty of art and fantasy can to donate, detaching oneself from preconceptions and social dogmas.


From the East to Spain, we will witness a jewel that has emerged from some fantastic history because it seems that the inventor Mattei has never been in the countries but has nevertheless managed to represent in the most authentic and faithful architectural and artistic expression.


This dwelling was used as a private home and as a medical office, where Electrohomeopathy was practiced, which for over 50 years was a very popular practice and managed to touch the whole world, from the United States to New Zealand via Russia and India , during the visit you can walk through rooms designed to accommodate patients without ever being able to see the person who would have cared for them, furthermore the peculiarity of these rooms is the ingenious idea of ​​making one look for another and then creating a sort of constant doubt about what we see and if it really is what we believe, we therefore remain within the fantastic context that only the best stories have.

No need to go to a playground to hear fantastic stories, just open the navigator and type Rocchetta Mattei, the rest will be created independently and even when in the distance you will see these towers that resemble a Russian Orthodox church, you will understand that you are on the right path for an incredible story with magical traits and that will allow you to travel with your mind in countries not too far away to be visited.

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To continue with the magic, but this time dedicated solely to your palate, not far away you will find the wonderful Mulino Cati that with its products conceived in respect of organic farming will be the perfect stop for a 100% genuine lunch or aperitif immersed in the nature, there is the possibility to visit the old mill and discover ancient traditions that enrich our history and the value of our culinary production; very interesting are the evenings where you can taste the bread cooked directly in the oven placed in front of the mill, so if you get lost just follow the scent.

TigelleCibo km 0

In this structure, tangible are the characters of hospitality and genuineness of the staff that has the sole goal of making you live a pleasant experience among good food at km 0 and respect for the territory, we hope that between a sip of good beer and the bite of a tigella you will appreciate the message.

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