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Provenance: WORLD


Passion is what has pushed me today to take the road of tourism in this region, but to get there my path has not been completely linear;

At 18 I decided to move from the Bassa Reggiana to get to the Riviera and see the other side of the coin and with the excuse I do 3 years of University in Economics of markets and tourism systems;

After that I think, after taking a step away from home the only obvious thing to do is continue walking towards the World, and here I come to Belgium, Brussels where I work for a year to attend the ULB, specifically the course of Economic Sciences, meanwhile I live in a wonderful and international city.

Back home after a year I understand that studying in academic style is no longer for me, I continue to do seasons in Hospitality, a sector that I have never abandoned, even today, between Greece and Sardinia;

One day Mickey’s call arrives and like many others who had already left, I leave for a total of 2 ½ years in wet Florida as an Italian Ambassador.

In the middle there are more seasons in Rimini, a hit and run in Egypt, Tour leader for study holidays in the UK and a winter in the fantastic Bologna as a secretary.

In short, 10 years of movement and reflections that have led me to understand the value of my region and my beautiful country, in fact, 5 years ago I decided that I would have been a tour leader and so I try to get the license, Done! Then not satisfied I also take the qualification as Technical Director for Travel Agencies.

A phrase that I often repeat to myself is: ‘Try to be a person who makes a difference’, so there’s still a lot of work to do …