The first impression that leaves the city of Reggio Emilia is that every street, building or monument makes the past chapters of history tangible and reminds us who passed through this land and what it left to enrich it so much.

The Via Emilia is the emblematic witness of the Roman Empire, but in the Parco del Popolo you will also find a funeral enclosure, there is the Porta di Santa croce from the medieval period, there are signs of French art, the Cloisters of San Pietro and Prospero, the embellishments of the lordships like the Este family and the fascist era, in short, every ideal passed here left something we can admire today.

If will happen to visit it on a warm summer day or mild spring, you will find the beautiful Piazza della Vittoria waiting for you with a modern fountain with Italian colors, also the name suggests that you are in the house of patriots and proud people, so weigh the words before pronouncing them; this will be only the first of the many squares that you will encounter and that serve as a forum for markets and walks on Sundays, one of these, in particular, will have to guard it by red marble lions and the Basilica of San Prospero with its baroque style.

In the exact center of the city there is a building that has changed its shape, name, use and property, but it has never changed its position which it maintains as if it were the navel of the world, or at least of Reggio; this marvel of history is dated to construction 1272 while as a receptive activity it begins in 1515, today it is called Hotel Posta and deserves to be visited; if you are an unconventional tourist then you will be curious to enter its small bar and admire the liberty style of Reggio in its full splendor; if you want the complete experience instead, as guests you will have the opportunity to stay in unique rooms that are unique in style and all different and take advantage of its services such as a visit to its own farm with vinegar production and a traditional restaurant, as well as an innovative offer electric car rental for those who want to explore beyond the city.

Here there is a great boast that inflates the chest: here was born the republican flag of Italy and in the ‘Museo del Tricolore’ as well as display cases, paintings and old newspaper sheets, you can visit the room where the principle of freedom was validated brought by the French, but made real only by the will of free people.

The people of Reggio Emilia are described for a unique characteristic, they are said to have a square head and this is because, as anticipated above, they are not soft people, but very proud and with edges that are not easy to file; don’t be intimidated by this, stubbornness is a very common sin in Italian lands, but a Cappelletti dish will never be denied to anyone, because even if there is no propensity to hugs, one more place at the table is always found .

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  1. on the menu. When you look behind most of the creative frou-frou in Emilia-Romagna, you find it’s the soul of the region that anchors many dishes. The supremely powerful connection of chefs to their homeland can never be abandoned or improved upon here.

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