Chapter #1: Piacenza

If you are not familiar with this city it is not difficult to immediately become friends, the city of Piacenza is easy to visit and walking through its streets becomes a pleasure for the curious.

First detail I want to emphasize is the beauty of its buildings, if you are architects or just fans of perfection, here you will see corners in harmony with the environment; if like me, you adore decorated entrances and wrought iron gates, then you just have to quickly enter every door you find open, contemplate and take a picture.

The palaces as the most grandiose ‘Palazzo Farnese’ will hold you with the neck upwards in every room you enter and you can perceive the glitz of an era that has decided the foundations of our society, never forget that Italy has had important families and lordship and with the fundamental influence to manage the ranks of Europe.

This importance can be seen in every glimpse that a skilled eye can admire in the squares, palaces, churches and statues that are frequently present, this not only to embellish the city itself, but to mark the single passage in the history of those who lived, political or prayed in the city of Piacenza.

A suggestion I give to those who are passionate about Art is the ‘Ricci-Oddi’ gallery which presents, in a marvelous and geometric structure, a large collection with the pictorial techniques of each region of Italy in the twentieth century; he is particularly honored to Antonio Fontanesi of Reggio Emilia who in 1876 was called to teach art in the city of Tokyo.

What is striking about this collection is the number of paintings that represent women and the moment of the Toeletta, as if to underline the beauty of the female body and the ease in yielding to it, just like the most irresistible of sins.

After the profane you need a touch of sacredness to get to the right balance of a visit, so do not miss the Dome of the Cathedral where you can admire the work of Guercino from above 27mt watch and witness the total silence of the majestic cathedral dated 1122 which is only altered by the sound of its beautiful organ.

Today we are used to advertising, marketing improved to sell more, each sales technique is accepted if it reaches its goal; many centuries before social media or catalogs the way to communicate was to write on the facades of houses ‘hospites accipimus’ and in Piacenza it is still visible on some buildings, while I let you discover what ‘Benvegnù’ is.

Let’s finish the trip with the food, here it is mandatory to taste DOP cold cuts, the Gutturnio still or sparkling strictly in the bowl and Tortelli with the tail whose filling is a mousse that for the duration of lunch will make you forget any stress, my time Relaxation has been at the ‘Osteria d’una volta’ which, as the name suggests, is presented in a familiar and welcoming style, as if it were part of a family for the duration of lunch.

This is what WoWu has seen in a day and it is the first story she has told, it is up to you to continue the story and discover the ending.

WoWu at 27mt high in Piacenza  
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