Have you ever wondered what kind of tourist you are?

Maybe if you knew it would be easier to find the right itinerary for you and your expectations would be better rewarded.

Before the tourists were divided into a few categories, there was mass tourism, or the wilder and decidedly less standard; today many other tourism channels have opened and therefore there are more types of tourists / travelers, let’s see the main ones together:

  1. THE COMFY TOURIST – is the one who wants the maximum comfort and does not expect more than what he saw from the catalog, so the Cruise or the Village will be suitable where everything is schematically organized to ensure that no time of day is discovered; this category does not necessarily mean that the excursion is not suitable, but the organizer will have to make a commitment not to forget any service, to facilitate the experience and to reduce the effort to a minimum.
  2. THE CULTURAL TOURIST – in this case we open a wider scenario, in fact when we talk about Culture we mean everything and nothing, every aspect that makes up the tradition of a country is culture, from food to religion, from what may seem more boring and composed of the most eccentric and unique aspects of the territory, the top of the itinerary is to connect in a balanced way an experience with the locals and through a typical day, to involve the tourist in a family lunch or a folkloristic occasion of the village.
  3. SPORT AND NATURE – the sports-loving subject is usually also attracted by the nature of the territory he is visiting, also because he lives in the first person, so in this case I suggest every activity that small associations and excursion guides propose, of course let’s not forget about propose a good meal with typical local products.
  4. THE TRAVELER AT ALL ROUND – it is not easy to fall into this category, to really get the badge of Traveler it is necessary to have a strong imagination and desire to dream, when we are in a foreign country (it is also enough to be in another region of the own country) we adapt and for a few days that will be our home and the only desire will be to discover as many secrets as possible, the only way to amaze these travelers is to open windows that few know and let them live an experience in all round.

I could not say with absolute certainty that I belong only to one group, in fact here is my profile:





Which group do you feel you belong to?

Chapter #2: Parma

When you arrive in Parma you find yourself in a city with very strong European characteristics, it immediately strikes the idea of being in France and, for their style, you find typical elements of a Paris or London like baskets and lamps that decorate the public space.

Art and architecture in Parma are the best travel companions for a day dedicated to the discovery of a jewel like this; do not miss a walk in the Ducal park and a visit to the palace of the same, will allow you to immediately understand the character of the city.

Pilotta and Teatro Farnese will be waiting for you on the other side of the bridge to bring you into a vortex of architecture, archeology and painting that will almost make you forget the era in which you find yourself, on the opposite side, just outside under its high porticoes. you will witness the frivolous life and how it is built on the game for survival as the game of 3 cards.

The symbols of sacredness resisted to the sense of anti-papacy are concentrated in the marvelous Duomo and Baptistery which have within them works by Correggio that will keep the head turned up until you are able to.

The room of the Abbess has recently been reopened, this tells through its ceiling with an umbrella structure, how much charm has a woman who has chosen chastity for the artist who represented her with mythological icons of strength and integrity.

I want to dedicate a thought to a house that deserves to be visited even by non-professionals in the lyrical world, this is the birthplace of Arturo Toscanini, we need to remember Italian personalities in Italy and not leave them only to the international fame. This Maestro was revolutionary in music as much as he was tenacious in his convictions and capable of fighting one of the most terrible twentieth-century injustices like war.

What should break a day of discovery is a good meal that will also complete the cultural experience with the typical products of the province, my lunch was held at the Antica Osteria della Ghiaia, a small and very nice environment that show typicality accompanied from a jazz background.

Do not miss the taste of the ‘Torta fritta integrale’ and about this I want to clarify a question: you will find almost equal food, if not for some biological details, the same cooking procedure and the same pairing on the table, but almost to emphasize property rights you will hear them call in a thousand different ways and they will tell you that the originals are only from that area, no matter believing or not, the magic of that taste will be guaranteed in any province.

Here was the second story of WoWu that has been lost between art, music and the proud spirit of this city, now it is your turn to discover.

WoWu in Toscanini’s house

Emilia Romagna: land of speed

In this land people have learning to shape almost everything, even speed.

You can see it represented by the curves of the circuits, the tracks, the racetracks, the paths or the slopes of our hills, the speed can be described in the form of a snout or a wing designed specifically to represent, furthermore, perfection and style.

Who, more than anything else, however, here represents the speed are the men and their eyes seem to look beyond the horizon, go beyond space, have a goal and is to be faster than the wind.

Emilia-Romagna is a land of engines, pilots and athletes and shows it continuously, but until you come here to witness the magic, being in front of the creation and listening to a roaring engine you can not understand what genius and imagination have pushed people to make a difference.

City symbol and places where you will find the most important museums are Maranello, Modena, Bologna and province that will make you live the true dream of the prancing horse with the Ferrari Museum and the House of Enzo Ferrari, you will also find the Maserati showroom, the Lamborghini museum, the Ducati store, the Horacio Pagani museum and the Umberto Panini collection.

There are tracks that you can experience as spectators as the Misano racetrack or as protagonists such as the Maranello track; about this city, if you do a test-drive in its streets you will see many Ferraris circulate freely and you will not know where to turn your head, because here there are those who come from Brazil to experience the thrill of accelerating with the car more famous in the world that links the history of its symbol to the sky engines.

On the other hand, those who want to experience a more amateur occasion will have to commit themselves to look for ‘Raduni’ that are regularly organized along the region and that collect very different means of transport, which can become friends at the right time, do not miss the opportunity to see expanses of Harley, Guzzi and mythical Vespa.

Here you will hear stories about drivers and the special relation with their cars, bikes and motorcycles and they will explain to you why they married the road and the slopes; stories of athletes who have reached 130km / h in the snow or have flown up and down hills by bike; as anticipated men are not simple extras, they are the ring that completes the vision of speed and those who have given their soul to engines and wheels that cutting targets the right number of times, have become legends.

Of these legends we remember Pantani, Simoncelli (Sic), Zanardi, Rossi, Ferrari, Tomba and all those who still have to come, because a blood like this never stops him.

There is a story that I think should be told separately and that few people know, is that of Giuseppe and Giuliano Landini, born in Boretto and are several world champions of powerboat won, they have reached speeds able to caress the great river Po and able to Schooling all over the world, today Giuliano is the captain of the Stradivari ship and tells that for him under 200 per hour life is boring.

Last element but not least of importance is madness and here there is enough to sell, normality has never led to anything exceptional, but an extraordinary vision was the key to seeing more than just a means of transport and to believe in being able to realize the incredible.

There is a characteristic that is widespread in the Bel Paese, as much as we love to complain and make polemics an end in itself, in the moments of meeting we know how to be a big family and cheer for the same flag, because before learning to use the friction we learn to give gas to the blood that flows through our veins.

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Chapter #1: Piacenza

If you are not familiar with this city it is not difficult to immediately become friends, the city of Piacenza is easy to visit and walking through its streets becomes a pleasure for the curious.

First detail I want to emphasize is the beauty of its buildings, if you are architects or just fans of perfection, here you will see corners in harmony with the environment; if like me, you adore decorated entrances and wrought iron gates, then you just have to quickly enter every door you find open, contemplate and take a picture.

The palaces as the most grandiose ‘Palazzo Farnese’ will hold you with the neck upwards in every room you enter and you can perceive the glitz of an era that has decided the foundations of our society, never forget that Italy has had important families and lordship and with the fundamental influence to manage the ranks of Europe.

This importance can be seen in every glimpse that a skilled eye can admire in the squares, palaces, churches and statues that are frequently present, this not only to embellish the city itself, but to mark the single passage in the history of those who lived, political or prayed in the city of Piacenza.

A suggestion I give to those who are passionate about Art is the ‘Ricci-Oddi’ gallery which presents, in a marvelous and geometric structure, a large collection with the pictorial techniques of each region of Italy in the twentieth century; he is particularly honored to Antonio Fontanesi of Reggio Emilia who in 1876 was called to teach art in the city of Tokyo.

What is striking about this collection is the number of paintings that represent women and the moment of the Toeletta, as if to underline the beauty of the female body and the ease in yielding to it, just like the most irresistible of sins.

After the profane you need a touch of sacredness to get to the right balance of a visit, so do not miss the Dome of the Cathedral where you can admire the work of Guercino from above 27mt watch and witness the total silence of the majestic cathedral dated 1122 which is only altered by the sound of its beautiful organ.

Today we are used to advertising, marketing improved to sell more, each sales technique is accepted if it reaches its goal; many centuries before social media or catalogs the way to communicate was to write on the facades of houses ‘hospites accipimus’ and in Piacenza it is still visible on some buildings, while I let you discover what ‘Benvegnù’ is.

Let’s finish the trip with the food, here it is mandatory to taste DOP cold cuts, the Gutturnio still or sparkling strictly in the bowl and Tortelli with the tail whose filling is a mousse that for the duration of lunch will make you forget any stress, my time Relaxation has been at the ‘Osteria d’una volta’ which, as the name suggests, is presented in a familiar and welcoming style, as if it were part of a family for the duration of lunch.

This is what WoWu has seen in a day and it is the first story she has told, it is up to you to continue the story and discover the ending.

WoWu at 27mt high in Piacenza  
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Why visit Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna map

When you are born in a land of myths and legends, the only effort you have to make is to be able to observe, listen and understand that the wealth you will find here, you will hardly find it in other lands.

Inspiration is not a simple thing, because one must have a significant mental and sentimental openness to recognize beauty and be able to explain it to the world.

A prominent element that characterizes the Emilia Romagna region is the pride that sweeps away the idea, even remotely, of envy for the talent of our fellow countrymen; indeed, the sense of silent pride we have, is among the highest forms of respect and gratitude, to the land that is home and which gives everything necessary to be successful.

Here there is a beautiful aspect in lifestyle both in small and large towns: life is divided between sacred and profane.

The first characteristic is given by to the history of the Christian influence that this land has, while the second is a distant legacy of the French and has entered strongly in our DNA.

A clarification is a must, here sacred and profane coexist because without one the other cannot exist and I believe that the Emilia-Romagna people know how to manage the compromise with extreme capacity.

I have no pretense that my words have a clear meaning for everyone, there are things that are explained with difficulty and that perhaps explain is useless; My intent is to humbly try to explain how much wealth there is in Emilia Romagna from its products to its lifestyle and why it’s worth discovering it.

Let’s start from the hands: from the dirty ones of a farmer who patiently cultivates a land that produces products among the most precious and known in the world, those who wrote poetry, stories and songs enriching the literary landscape with events of the humble countryside life and small colored villages of an almost enlightened fantasy, there are hands that have directed orchestras for the first time in New York and with the same punished musicians to achieve perfection, there are the hands of artisans who work such materials as ceramics sublime, finally there are hands that have contributed to the art world with their naive and eclectic visions.

Let’s move on to the voices: we boast voices that have been heard by the whole world and as much as they have vibrated their vocal cords in the same way they have made the heart vibrate and come the goose bumps. A recurring aspect in this region is the genuineness with which we grow, we are immediately explained how important the game and the freedom to dream, that without friendship you can never have a quality life and that a woman can never make it unless, or maybe not; all this goes through songs as one of the most recognized arts of the entire peninsula.

Finally the minds: in Emilia-Romagna we can list numerous companies that have significantly influenced the entire industrial sector, both in Italy and in the world, maybe it is no coincidence that at certain levels we still scare hypothetical competitors and in history the pioneering aspect in many sectors will remain unquestioned; of minds it is obligatory to talk about it also at the academic level, because here the first university was born and this underlines how much desire to know and to hand down has always been there.

Dreaming is a practice that grows tending to lose, but here instead it seems that dreaming is a constant that led to create, for example, objects recognizable only by the noise of their engines.

As already mentioned, I do not pretend to be understood, but I have the humble intention to convey the vision I have of the best land I know and why one should visit it at least once in life.

How can I explain to you what Bologna is?


I try to give the right tribute with the words and I hope to be forgiven where the writing does not arrive, but certain things must be seen, breathed and lived.
The first thing you will notice is that in Bologna there are a lot of people, with so many nuances of skin and tongue, so you will hear chaotic and market noises;
Then come the smells that mix between the most contrasting, those of a city always on the move and those of the ovens with their hot bread and freshly cut Mortadella;
For the view you will have to bend your neck up and lose your gaze among km of columns and arches that compose the long portici, even higher you will see towers and statues that dominate the city for some years and have seen a lot more people than us ;
As for hearing, there is a particular tradition that only here you will meet and that makes Bologna La ‘Dotta’; Freedom of thought is exercised here, and for those who are not familiar with this concept, it means that you could see ordinary people in the famous Piazza Maggiore climb onto a small stool and talk surrounded by people who will listen to it civilly until they rest their feet on the square again. ;
In Bologna you are not only hungry for food, even though here there is one of the best cuisines in the world, but you are hungry for culture and knowledge, the first University, still frequented by students, even foreigners, who fill places like Piazza Verdi simply on the ground with beer, cigarettes, guitar and some discussion ready to unleash people;
Like every Italian city, even Bologna has its churches, but since she likes to exaggerate, she has seven in one located in Piazza Santo Stefano.
This city can be explored from many points of view and geographical points: look at it from the hill of San Luca, with the longest portico in the world, or from the river those who pass under it and that, if skilled, you can find coming out from the streets, but certainly the view that deserves the most is that from the Torre degli Asinelli that allows you to see the design of the city and detach from its chaos, discussions and even the smell of Mortadella.
There is a very beautiful and powerful concept here: Freedom. You can understand it from the diversity of nightclubs and socially engaged places that leave the maximum recognition to free expression.
So very freely get lost in the streets of Bologna and get ready for an all-round and unique experience.