“Estate in Provincia” – Rimini – “Summer in Province”


“Estate in Provincia”… Rimini ‼️
Qui potrete capire il vero significato della Bella Vita tra un ballo e un sorriso sincero.
Ecco la mia selezione di eventi per l’estate 2019 ⬇️

I più discotecari non potranno saltare la Molo Street Parade e la Notte Rosa – Riviera Adriatica dove dj suoneranno su barche e il cielo si tingerà di rosa Molo Info 2019 Notte rosa Info 2019

Sempre di ballo parliamo, ma con dei professionisti, il Festival del Sole ospita più di 5000 atleti da tutto il mondo Sito web

Una festa piena di spettacoli e stupefacenti baskers si terrà al Artisti in Piazza 2019 – Pennabilli Festival cosa aspettate ad andare?! Sito web

“Summer in the Province” … Rimini ‼️ ️
Here you can understand the true meaning of Bella Vita between a dance and a sincere smile.
Here is my selection of events for summer 2019 ⬇️

Most discos won’t be able to skip the Molo Street Parade and the Notte Rosa – Adriatic Riviera where DJs will play on boats and the sky will turn pink Molo Info 2019 Notte rosa info 2019

We always talk about dancing, but with professionals, the Festival del Sole hosts more than 5000 athletes from all over the world Website

A party full of shows and amazing baskers will be held at Artisti in Piazza 2019 – Pennabilli Festival, what are you waiting for ?! Website


The market is the symbol of the most primordial system of commerce born on the Earth and since Roman times it is still the place of the most lively city and that best represents the traditions, therefore it becomes the mirror of the population itself and can be counted of different nature, from food to flowers, or to those that bring antique pieces to light ready to be sold or exchanged.

The law of the market is that of the highest bidder, everything can be negotiated and if you are quite shrewd you always arrive at a compromise by subtracting the deal from others; around the world there are places that have become famous for the practices and traditions that take place on time, such as the Tokyo fish market with its exciting tuna auction that sees huge checks flown over even before the sun rises.

The market is just that, it’s the start of the day and of life in urban centers, where every now and then the curious tourist happens to see the folklore of the city he is visiting.

In Emilia Romagna there are splendid examples of covered or square markets, some very old and that continue to sell the freshest and most cultivated km 0 there is, so try to skip the mall for once and visit the nearest market to you, you could see another aspect of the city, the most authentic one.


In any city of Emilia Romagna you will find yourself, from Piacenza to Ravenna, you will find its weekly market usually in the main square ready to show its merchandise to those in search of business, while if you are looking for a bit of history or of ancient structures then mark these places:

  • In Reggio Emilia the old covered market has been transformed into a modern store, but it is still possible to see its original structure in the upper part and on the wall’s old signs, even if modernity sometimes takes away the charm of history, it is understandable that this place was an important social center for the city.
  • The Albinelli market in Modena is still a very lively point of commerce that sees and makes you feel the best techniques to attract customers, both habitual and occasional, during your visit you will be pleasantly struck by a world composed of smells, colors and real-life noises.
  • Bologna has a wonderful and ancient quadrilateral composed of ‘Botteghe’ that look out on narrow streets, you will have to be careful not to get lost if you are not good hounds; I advise you to stop at the middle market for lunch, in fact it offers every type of culinary choice and satisfies every type of request or specific diet.
  • A real treasure is enclosed in the ancient market of Comacchio that between brick roads and those made of water creates an interesting labyrinth in which to get lost and then take a break to taste eel and anchovies.
  • An ancient fish market that today is home to expanses of flowers is the old Roman market of Rimini which overlooks Piazza Cavour and which still has an almost intact structure, in the evening this place becomes the meeting point for university students and for all those who they want to spend an evening in the company of a glass of Sangiovese or a cold beer.

The markets bring with them centuries of traditions, styles and trends, try to think that in the squares where we walk today people of all kinds have passed, from the brigand always ready to be the smartest to survive, to the leader who brought back peace in the city and put an end to a battle.

The markets never realized too much about what was happening around them, the important thing was to arrive at the end of the day, rest a bit and then start again at dawn the next day, but the markets are the best school to learn how to sell and retain customers and do so without newsletters or loyalty cards, but only with the experience and skillful communicative art.