Emilia Romagna boasts a large list of personalities who have contributed in an extraordinary way to the whole world and when you discover that some of them were born a few kilometers from your small country town it is certainly a factor of pride; today we discover the group of artists from Emilia Romagna who have given a new light to the art world.

In the music sector the first ones that are usually remembered are Giuseppe Verdi Info events and Luciano Pavarotti Info house Pavarotti whose size is not scratched and it seems instead that time keeps the same magic that in listening to Verdi’s works or the ‘Nessun dorma’ even 100 times in a row, yes have goose bumps always and everywhere.

We remain for a moment in Emilia, specifically in the province of Parma, because I want to mention two artists of the highest caliber who have been able to talk about them all over the world; the first is the conductor Arturo Toscanini, a man who is always ready with a wand in his hand both to direct the perfect symphony, but also to line up who was out of tune, he never allowed anyone to trample his opinion, it was the first conductor to become a successful star in the world of the media for directing the NBC Symphony Orchestra of New York, through his music he fought against fascism and Nazism and this attracting the respect of characters from the caliber of Albert Einstein.  Info house Toscanini

Another character, this time from the world of writing, very influential during the 20th century was Giovannino Guareschi who became one of the most sold Italian writers in the world, as well as the most translated Italian writer ever; the fruit of his best known pen is undoubtedly Don Camillo and Peppone who through his films tells the cross-section of a village of the lower Po valley during times where many ideologies were born and everyone wanted to be right, but in the end who won were common sense as well as the friendship that sometimes needs to have an antagonist to survive; Guareschi has also directed the documentary ‘La rabbia’ together with another great artist of this land, Pier Paolo Pasolini, where the two give their personal interpretation of what was happening in the world. Info museum

We continue with two artists from the almost surreal genius of the province of Reggio Emilia, who have decided to look at the world in their own way.

Cesare Zavattini was a theorist and a prominent figure in Italian Neorealism, collaborating with Vittorio de SicaZavattini on numerous films that marked a genre of the cinematographic world that showed Italy for what it was, between the grotesque and the survival, it finds itself living the world with comrades of the caliber of Bartolucci the poet, another great Emilian, and Chaplin who fascinates Zavattini with his unique imagery and who still today can describe an alienated world making us smile, he contributed when he was born the Italian publishing from Bompiani to Rizzoli, finally Zavattini collaborated in post-revolutionary Cuba for the birth of new national cinema. Info fondation Zavattini




LigabueWho through a decidedly personal vision has contributed to the world of art is Antonio Ligabue with his Naif paintings so he still speaks of him and of that eccentricity that often has placed him alongside the theme of Madness, but here of crazy people you can meet many and not because they have decided to be, but because life is bizarre and each of us decides how to deal with it and with what style to look at the world. Info house Ligabue





The mentioned Bertolucci is divided into two figures, the poet Attilio as well as a translator at the beginning of Bertoluccithe last century and a great intellectual, then his son and director Bernardo who contributes to the world of cinema with films like ‘Novecento’ and ‘Ultimo tango a Parigi’ with a realist power and on the verge of censorship, perhaps because daring was the only key to open those doors closed by bigotry.




PasoliniIf we talk about Bolognese artists it is necessary to talk about Pier Paolo Pasolini which was all what the world of culture can conceive and has left significant testimonies of his opinion through films, paintings, interviews and articles.







In Ferrara we remember another director, Michelangelo Antonioni, who made his films an instrument to rebel against consumerism and the middle class, although he himself was of bourgeois extraction.Antonioni

From Romagna we mention two great artists; Tonino Guerra and Federico Fellini.

GuerraAntonio (Tonino) Guerra was an Italian poet, writer and screenwriter, his life like that of many others is marked by the war that takes him to an internment camp in Germany and together with other Romagnolians he understands the meaning of writing in dialect for to remind the home of those who had been forced to abandon it, his country Santarcangelo di Romagna opened a museum to celebrate him. Info museum Guerra





If you say Rimini you say Fellini, one of the most influential filmmakers in the film industry in Italy and abroad, Fellinihas been able to interpret his world and give it to us through his films that they used to tell true stories and experienced first-hand with that touch of cruel reality and magical fantasy.





All the artists mentioned had a gift and the generosity of wanting to share it with the rest of us, they came into play through a stubborn vision as only the land of Emilia Romagna can be, a land that has always found itself in between to the exchange of things and ideas and all this wealth has been transformed into poetry, music, painting, opera, film, it was a lyrical voice and powerful thought, a well-acted joke and a creepy background.


the most expensive drum in the world

Would you believe me if I told you that from an oak barrel that for years served for the production of pure balsamic vinegar, in the end it became the most expensive drum in the world?

When we think of Italy in the field of excellence we will never cease to amaze the international market and it is precisely what Riccardo Lodi has done through the passion for music that led him to have his brand “Musa Drums”.
The concept of “Musa Drums” respects everything that is young, innovative, cared for and, if not enough, also ecological; the visit to the areas of production and design of their products is a real journey that starts from a raw material already loaded with an important past, which is given a new life to become unique drums because totally customized and ready to vibrate stages from all over the world.

The most expensive drum in the world

This year, “Musa Drums” presented itself at the most important event in the music trade fair sector and flew directly into the land of surfing, the magical California at the Namm Show 2019 Interview Namm 2019 presenting the most expensive drums in the world and demonstrating once again the potential of crazy ideas, the brilliant vision that unites different arts such as woodworking, ironworking and laser production and finally a great desire to amaze with a unique piece of its kind.

The story of Riccardo starts from a garage and from the knowledge of modeling the wood that is acquired only from the world of craftsmanship; already as a young teenager he understands that behind his ideas and this passion that crosses the grain of the wood to the sound of the notes can be achieved more and in 2015 he is supported by an important manufacturer of Balsamic Vinegar “Acetum” which today exports to over 100 foreign countries Acetum History; this fusion allows Riccardo to find the raw material he needs to build his instrument: the Drum.

In addition to the manual work that involves many hours a day, the desire to create music has also been approached and alongside the Musa Drums today there is the “Take Away Studios”, a music studio for the composition, arrangement and recording of original ideas in key pop – commercial – electronic, which also offers a course for those who want to try their hand at the world of music recommended by professionals. Info course

In the musical field Riccardo and his team collaborate with Italian artists as Benji and Fede, Luciano Ligabue and Nek, this leads them to have important future goals, from confirming their Musa Drums brand and creating more and more ad hoc drums for Italian and foreign musicians and affirming their position with Take Away Studios to enter into a healthy competition with lobby that have long monopolized the music and record market.
Faced with so much effort and passion, we cannot but make the best wishes that all this happens, then let’s not forget that we are talking about a territory that has never disappointed at the level of challenges, still today all over the world inventors and personalities of Emilia Romagna who they have revolutionized with an idea a sector of our life they are mentioned, whether it was the concept of speed or the happiness of knowing how to eat well.

To my question ‘what is your philosophy of life?’ Riccardo was concise and I am sure that his answer will find many in agreement,” Work not working ” and I think it refers to the fact that when for living you do something you love is how not to work and when you can do it with a team that follows you in all your crazy ideas you can only become the best.

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“Estate in Provincia” – Rimini – “Summer in Province”


“Estate in Provincia”… Rimini ‼️
Qui potrete capire il vero significato della Bella Vita tra un ballo e un sorriso sincero.
Ecco la mia selezione di eventi per l’estate 2019 ⬇️

I più discotecari non potranno saltare la Molo Street Parade e la Notte Rosa – Riviera Adriatica dove dj suoneranno su barche e il cielo si tingerà di rosa Molo Info 2019 Notte rosa Info 2019

Sempre di ballo parliamo, ma con dei professionisti, il Festival del Sole ospita più di 5000 atleti da tutto il mondo Sito web

Una festa piena di spettacoli e stupefacenti baskers si terrà al Artisti in Piazza 2019 – Pennabilli Festival cosa aspettate ad andare?! Sito web

“Summer in the Province” … Rimini ‼️ ️
Here you can understand the true meaning of Bella Vita between a dance and a sincere smile.
Here is my selection of events for summer 2019 ⬇️

Most discos won’t be able to skip the Molo Street Parade and the Notte Rosa – Adriatic Riviera where DJs will play on boats and the sky will turn pink Molo Info 2019 Notte rosa info 2019

We always talk about dancing, but with professionals, the Festival del Sole hosts more than 5000 athletes from all over the world Website

A party full of shows and amazing baskers will be held at Artisti in Piazza 2019 – Pennabilli Festival, what are you waiting for ?! Website

MUSIC: A question of rhythm

Do you know what the rhythm is? Rhythm is a gift and is the best tool to win the trust of others in fact, be wary of those who do not have the rhythm in their blood.

Music, in addition to notes on a pentagram, is Magic because it knows how to remove negative thoughts, it is Passion that lights up your soul and is Therapy whose benefits, if you know how to listen, arrive immediately.

Playing an instrument is the activity that most differentiates us from other living beings, which gives that added value to life; for this reason, Music is a serious subject which even if started centuries ago is still evolving.


In this region Music has been transformed by its artists into Poetry, has been directed by the first and pioneering conductors, has found power in vocal cords capable of becoming famous all over the world; here the Music is of all the free people who let rhythm dance and red blood cells.

Here there is the tradition of telling past stories, credible ideals only when theoretical, human weakness and love, the whole always surrounded by the sense of freedom to dream and live.

In the history we remember many characters and masters who changed the musical world: Giuseppe Verdi, Arturo Toscanini, Luciano Pavarotti and Zucchero Fornaciari, are some of the Big that have brought our proud and worker character around the world.

Then we remember Lucio Dalla, Guccini, Cesare Cremonini, Vasco Rossi and LucianoLigabue, who have transformed everyday life into notes and given value to themost daily habits.

In Bologna since 1971 the Music is taught at an academic level (DAMS) and this, in 2006, brought the recognition of ‘Creative City of Music’ by UNESCO.

The streets of Bologna have a predominantly Jazz character, but you can also find Underground, Classical and Italian music, each with its own space and without prejudices.

Parma has its ‘Festival Verdi’ which every year in October reminds of the importance of opera in its theaters and attracts fans from all over the world.

Even the Riviera offers a diversified musical world, it attracts younger generations who are always looking for fun and dance on the dance floor, but you can also find orchestras that with their ballads and waltz make dance intrepid old men.

The importance of Music can also be seen in the structures you can find along the region such as: the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno, which is today the largest and most modern complex for events in Italy; then we have wonderful theaters like the Farnese in Parma or historical discos that have marked the most recent musical styles.

Lose yourself then among the notes that Emilia Romagna can play in the streets or at important festivals and enjoy all the possible emotions.